With 2016 coming to a close and the new year rising, I am glad to announce the adoption of your 2017 Municipal budget.

The budget, as presented to the population at the December 5 public Council meeting, is the result of the Council’s fruitful consultations. It is a budget of exception and of transition as no increase in taxes is to be applied for the next year.

This budget can be viewed as a transition as it will require that the Council prioritize and plan work to be performed in the New Year as well as review the services offered to the population. For example, the state of our aging infrastructures will require particular attention in the short and long term.  To help us in our undertaking, four major priorities have been identified that will guide the councillors for 2017 and years to come.  However, Council will have to take a look on the implications of not having increased taxes over the years in order to establish a calendar of actions to take in the future.

Therefore, in order to minimize the impact on the 2017 budget and following the commitment of Council to recover tax arrears not collected in the past, exceptional steps will be taken to recover those amounts due to the Municipality. In addition, some dues will be collected following the work that has been performed at the old mine which will permit us to plan for corrective actions where needs will be identified.

I therefore invite you to review our four priorities as well as the 2017 budget on the Municipality’s web site.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a happy Holiday Season and may 2017 bring you good health and happiness.


Pierre Fréchette

Priorités 2017

Budget 2017