Ottawa river, tourism

At the heart of the Pontiac region, Ile-du-Grand-Calumet is the perfect area for the adventurers looking for nature, culture, relaxation and adrenalin. Situated right in the middle of the Outaouais River, we find a unique and diversified fauna. Being one of the highest rated areas in the Outaouais as being the home of the white-tailed deer, a simple walk, no matter the season, is appealing to the eye.

We also find, in the Southwest section, the Rocher-Fendu canal known world-wide for its rapids. Rafting and kayak amateurs come every summer to follow the tracks of log drivers and fur traders. Just at the top of the seven falls, now flooded by the Bryson hydro-electric dam, we can walk on the banks where Jean Cadieux left his soul to save his crew and family.

Saint-Anne's church, tourismA commemorative monument is erected at the entrance of the village, it describes a rendition of his life, also there is a poem written on a piece of birch bark that entails his last moments.   Continue through the village to visit the Saint-Anne’s Church, a magnificent church, constructed out of fieldstone, it provides a superb view of the Outaouais River.